We tested the Boxing Quiz!

Looking for a fun and original activity to do with friends? We’ve discovered Quiz Boxing and highly recommend the experience! This event was the highlight of our last evening, and we all remember it fondly.

What is Quiz Boxing?

Quiz Boxing is a unique concept that combines the fun competition of a quiz with the high-octane atmosphere of a boxing match. Each of us sat behind his or her own battle station, ready to answer all sorts of questions on a variety of topics including cinema, general knowledge and video games. The aim was simple: to accumulate as many points as possible to win against the other teams. But don’t panic, wildcards were at our disposal to help us in case of doubt. The atmosphere was guaranteed with lighting effects, music and even a Quiz Boxing TV broadcasting our performances!

An evening rich in emotion

From the moment we arrived, we were captivated by the lively atmosphere. The lights, the music and the palpable excitement immediately put us in the mood. We were warmly welcomed by the Quiz Boxing team, who explained how the evening would unfold, and once we had settled in behind our kiosks, the competition began! We competed with great enthusiasm, not hesitating to encourage each other. The questions were really varied, testing our knowledge in many areas, and some of them were really tough, forcing us to think quickly. Fortunately, the jokers helped us pick up a few extra points! The atmosphere was supercharged, with shouts of joy and laughter coming from all sides.

An unforgettable moment of complicity

Beyond the competition, what really marked our evening was the complicity that developed between us. We had to work together, encourage each other and develop our team spirit to win, bringing us closer together and creating shared memories. We laughed, joked and shared a unique moment, far from the stress of everyday life. Some of us even discovered hidden talents, such as an unbeatable memory or impressive general knowledge! At the end of the evening, we were all exhausted but so happy to have lived this experience together. We’re still talking about it today, and promise to be back for another Quiz Boxing session very soon!

Why should you try Quiz Boxing?

In addition to being an incredibly fun activity, Quiz Boxing has many other benefits:

  1. Strengthening group cohesion: Working together to achieve victory enabled us to communicate more, listen to each other and support each other.
  2. Expanding our knowledge: The varied questions encouraged us to expand our knowledge in a fun and entertaining way.
  3. Creating unforgettable memories: the atmosphere, the laughter and the moments of complicity will remain engraved in our memories.
  4. Boosting our motivation: The competitive dimension naturally stimulated us to give our best to shine against the other teams.

In short, Quiz Boxing is the ideal way to spend an unforgettable moment with friends, while strengthening your group cohesion. We highly recommend you try the experience!

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